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by | Aug 30, 2018


Top 5 Marketing Tips For Settlement Agents

Settlement agents, or conveyancers, are one of the lucky few among us business owners. You guys get paid straight away and you never have an issue of chasing overdue invoices or difficult clients not wanting to pay.

Marketing your small business settlement agency is a fairly straightforward process, believe it or not. You just have to approach it from the basic marketing principle of KISS, keep it simple…..

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of successful digital marketing campaigns for conveyancing agencies so let us share with you our top tips for marketing your settlement agency.

1. Invest In A Friendly Website

The reality of your job as a settlement agent is managing people’s trust. You need to create a position of authority as quickly as you can. Especially for first home buyers, this is an entirely new experience and they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in investing in a new life.

If you’re wanting to increase your lead generation from other sources than just word of mouth or referrals, then investing in a professional website that has been set up to track and convert site traffic is absolutely essential.

Make sure your site is mobile responsive and easy to navigate. People should be able to get to where they want to be in less than 3 clicks. Make sure your website has had at least some speed optimisation done to it so it loads as quickly as it possibly can. Nobody wants to wait around for images to load.

2. Local SEO & The Map Pack

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) should a part of your overall marketing strategy for your settlement agency. Make sure you’ve followed the basic steps for setting up a Google My Business profile so you can start to manage some of your local search engine exposure.

Getting yourself into the Top 3 of the map results, also known as the Map Pack, should be part of your consideration. The click-through rate is incredibly high but chances are it will take forever for you to get there. Having said that, you’ll never get there if you never start.

Have a read through our DIY search engine optimisation tips and see if you can implement some of these yourself but you should consider engaging in some form of SEO.

If you’re an established settlement agency and you already have a number of reviews consider having some schema markup done to your site. If you Google “3am Ideas Business Startup Package” you will see the precious 5-star review show up right in the search results. We’re one of the only ones that have these on the results page, imagine if that was your conveyancing agency.

3. Manage Your Social Media Profile

Keeping your social media profile populated with relevant content that offers value beyond a sales experience is what you want to be aiming for.

Curate social media content from local news providers, banks, mortgage brokers and real estate agents. In a way you’re in the middle of these two industries and you can connect these without coming across too salesy.

As we’ve mentioned before in our essential business startup checklist, stay away from the boost post button on Facebook, but do consider some form of advertising.

4. Google Ads

Let’s face it if you’re good at your job there are decent margins to be made in the settlement agency game. If you’re picking up sellers light right and centre you’re in a good spot for expansion.

Could you afford to pay $50 per new client? Of course, you can and the reality is a lot of business can’t. This gives you incredible flexibility and power when utilising Google advertising to drive leads. With proper management of your online advertising account to reduce cost per acquisition, you have control to increase or decrease the flow of work as you require it at a predictable cost.

5. Get Networking

If you’re in Australia you’re bound to be close to a local networking group that is always on the hunt for a reliable settlement agent. Get in touch with your local real estate agents, you won’t believe some of the horror stories we’ve heard. Many are just using their current conveyancer out of convenience and would love to be given the choice.

Here at 3am Ideas, we’re a proud partner of Facilit8 a local business networking group. If you’re in Perth, get in touch and we’ll have you come along as a guest to check it out.

Summing Up

Well here you have it, our top 5 tips on how to more effectively market your small business conveyancing or settlement agency.

Considering SEO and online advertising as an essential part of your marketing repertoire is wise. But you also have to get out there and start networking with other business owners and real estate agents.

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