In-House Social Media Management vs. Our Professional Packages: An In-Depth Comparison

by | Feb 9, 2024

Social Media Inhouse vs Outsourcing

In-House Social Media Management vs Outsourcing To a Social Media Agency?

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, social media is no longer just a platform for social interaction; it has become a critical component of business marketing strategies. As businesses strive to maintain a competitive edge, the decision between managing social media in-house and outsourcing to professional packages becomes crucial. This blog post delves into the pros and cons of each approach, offering a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Should You Outsource Social Media? Should You Manage Social Media In-house?

Social media has shifted from being a tool that was used to shove deals and sales down our throats, to being a platform full of chaos and uncontrolled messaging, to now being almost as important as some websites. Some brands are even generating significant business through social media, and even if that’s not the case, you’ll want to engage professionals for your social media management package.

In-House Social Media Management: The DIY Approach


  1. Direct Control: Managing social media in-house allows for immediate oversight over content and strategy, ensuring alignment with the company’s voice and ethos.
  2. Flexibility: Internal teams can quickly adapt and respond to social media trends or feedback without the need to consult external parties.


  1. Resource Intensive: Requires significant investment in tools, software, and ongoing training to stay current with social media trends and algorithm changes.
  2. Expertise Limitations: Unless you have a dedicated social media expert on staff, your team might lack the specialized knowledge to maximize ROI from social media efforts.

Our Professional Social Media Management Packages: The Expert Solution


  1. Expertise and Experience: Agencies bring a wealth of knowledge, having managed multiple accounts across different industries, and are adept at crafting strategies that deliver results.
  2. Cost-Effective: Outsourcing can be more affordable in the long run, eliminating the need for expensive tools, software subscriptions, and specialized staff training.
  3. Scalability: Professional packages allow businesses to scale their social media efforts up or down without the logistical challenges of hiring or downsizing an in-house team.


  1. Perceived Lack of Control: Some businesses fear losing the personal touch or immediate control over their social media content and responses.
  2. Customization Concerns: There’s a misconception that agency packages may not offer the same level of customization or personalization that an in-house team could provide.

Cost Analysis: Breaking Down the Numbers

When comparing costs, it’s essential to look beyond just the immediate expenses. In-house management often incurs hidden costs such as employee benefits, training, and the potential for lost opportunity due to lack of expertise. In contrast, our social media management packages are designed to offer transparent pricing that covers strategy development, content creation, analytics, and more, providing value that often exceeds the sum of its parts.

Do you know how long a social media post takes to create? You have to create the artwork or video, if you’re not just posting a plain photo, you’ll have to come up with and write the post caption, you’ll want to do some hashtag research so your #s are relevant, and then finally you have to schedule that across various platforms, if you don’t already have a scheduling tool. All of that, you’ll then need to do 2-3 times per week, depending on your posting schedule.

You can calculate that an average post takes you between 15-20 minutes to create if you’re super efficient. If you’re manually scheduling across 2-3 platforms, and you’re creating posts, in reality you’re spending closer to 30 minutes per post. What are 6.5 hours per month worth to you? It’s certainly not the peanuts you’ll pay us to manage your social media accounts.

Social Media Efficiency and Expertise: The Winning Edge

Our packages are crafted to leverage the latest tools and analytics, ensuring your social media strategy is not only current but also data-driven. With a dedicated team of experts, we navigate algorithm changes, track performance, and adjust strategies in real time, offering an efficiency that in-house teams, constrained by broader marketing responsibilities, might struggle to match.

Results: What You Can Expect

Choosing between in-house management and our packages depends on your business goals, resources, and how you define success. Our client case studies demonstrate the tangible benefits of professional management, including increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and significant growth in followers within a few months.

Conclusion: Tailoring the Right Approach for Your Business

The decision between in-house social media management and opting for our professional packages is not one-size-fits-all. It requires a careful assessment of your business’s needs, resources, and long-term marketing objectives. Whether you seek the control and familiarity of an in-house team or the expertise and efficiency of professional packages, it’s crucial to choose a path that aligns with your vision for growth and success in the digital realm.

Interested in exploring how our social media management packages can transform your online presence? Contact us today to learn more about our customized solutions designed to elevate your brand on social media.

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