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Not just more traffic. More business.

Our Search Engine Optimisation packages are affordable solutions to give you lasting and visible results.

Search engine optimisation is a strategic, long-term approach to growing your website traffic sustainably. Often you don’t want to rank just one but multiple pages on Page 1 of the search engines.

With a purely white hat SEO strategy, we’ve ranked sites on that #1 spot by suburb, city, state, country and region.

We’re A Small Business SEO Agency in Perth, catering also to Melbourne & Sydney
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3am’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gets you ranking higher on Google.

We work with Australian businesses that we know we can help. So get in touch and let’s see if we’re a match.

Search engine optimisation is a sustainable way of sourcing new prospects and should be considered an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Some SEO benefits include:

  • Increase Your Ranking on Google
  • Compete for Quality Keywords
  • Increase Organic Website Traffic
  • Sustainable Online Growth
  • Attract High Quality Leads

Book in for a discovery session and let’s kick some goals together.

Search Engine Optimisation is data meets strategic marketing.

It is our absolute passion and we love helping small businesses, startups and SMEs



Your website’s ranking is important to us and we work hard to give you a bit of peace of mind, knowing your website is surely climbing up the search engine results page. That’s jargon for your website on the 1st page of Google. We’ve ranked numerous sites on Page 1, locally and nationally.

We are reliable, timely and are ready to scale your services as you see more and more value in our offering. Our aim for your SEO is to rank you higher, show you results for consistent, managed growth to keep working with you in the long-term, all while keeping your unneccesary SEO costs down.

Looking for SEO in Perth? – we have got you covered!

We use the most powerful and trusted search engine optimisation tools available to us, and sustainable link building giving you access to an incredible suite with your small business SEO package.



When we opened our doors in 2014, we were the first in Perth to exclusively cater to small and startup businesses. Our packages weren’t overpriced and actually delivered in value and on the results needed for our clients to grow.

Today, we are still doing the same thing except at an even more refined level. We can usually tell straight away what you’re going to need over the next 3-24 months to make your goals a reality.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is our talent, small business SEO is our passion, it’s why we have created an SEO company.

We dedicate ourselves to your company’s success like we dedicated ourselves to our own. Ranking you higher on Google and generating leads from the search engines really is child’s play. Ask us about an SEO package that could be right for you.



We’ve been offering this small business marketing package for many years, and want to offer up our experience to make your journey easier.

Our SEO Audit

In order to get you ranking quickly, we need to know what’s going on with your SEO and current position in the market.

Our Perth SEO Service includes a comprehensive audit of your website and digital presence

We focus down on specific keywords, both short and longtail, as well as any other opportunities to get you ranking ahead of your online competition. Our audits alone are valued at $750, so your first month of SEO with 3am Ideas is absolutely packed with value.

Here are just some of the other things we might cover for your website:

  • Page Title Optimization
  • Meta description
  • Optimization for H1 and H2 Heading tags
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Meta keywords optimization
  • Txt file creation
  • Creation and submission of HTML and XML sitemap
  • Manual web directory submission
  • Major search engine submission
  • Social bookmarks
  • Article creation
  • Article submission
  • Monthly ranking report
  • Monthly link building
On-Page Optimisation

Your website’s pages get ranked individually so we need to comb through the technical aspects of each one. We analyse and fix your website where needed to ensure you’re:

  • showing custom meta tags, meta descriptions & titles
  • meeting adequate coding standards
  • getting rapid loading speeds
  • providing a great user experience
  • setup with a clear information hierarchy

There is no point driving highly qualified traffic to a site that hasn’t been set up to convert it.

Search Engine Relationship

There are a number of elements to your relationship with the search engines that we’ll need to ensure are being managed for you. From a fundamental level, we want to establish an official point of communication with Google that will allow us to track your performance on the search engine results page (SERP).

We will also want to make sure your profiles across the web and Google are consistent with one another, making sure that the information the search engines have on you is optimised.

Content Creation & Marketing

Mapping out a list of short tail, premium keywords, as well as long tail keywords that you to focus on ranking higher for is just part of our standard SEO services. We want to create a content creation plan together for you that will provide the foundations for your traffic growth. Content is still king when it comes to company SEO as it’s one of the best ways you can add additional keywords to your site simply by creating content.

We can either guide you with creating content or do it for you. A methodical rollout plan for new and valuable content is one of the keys to successful SEO.

Off-Page Optimisation

Improving your ranking also means having to work on the signals your business triggers external from your website. This allows the search engines to attribute additional authority to your site by trusting the other credible websites who might be pointing to yours.

The way your online presence connects to that of others on the world wide web is important. We ensure there is always a growing and network of communication building around your business and brand.

Content Marketing

As with most online practices, there are some pay to play elements. An efficient pay-per-click advertising campaign should be considered an essential part of SEO. It plays a crucial part in our SEO services. We are Certified Google Partners, that makes us black belts in Google Ads.

If you’re looking to speed up your search engine optimisation campaign, this is a surefire way of generating a positive ROI online, quicker. This also allows us to boost the visibility of the content we’re always looking to create for you.

Social Media to Boost Ranking

Attracting social signals, such as likes, shares, comments and more will positively impact your websites ranking. Through our Facebook communities, we ensure your social content is getting shared out to a relevant audience. Your customers are communicating on here and it’s where trends thrive. This is where it’s all happening so you need to be present and clearly visible.

We market your content here and attract free, organic traffic through sharing, tagging and liking. SEO has never been this integrated.

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