We’re 3am Ideas

A Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

We are Australia’s digital marketing agency for small businesses.

We use this thing called the internet to grow your brand.

And we’re kinda good at making it easy for you.

Welcome to the internet!

Lying awake at night with your thoughts going a million miles an hour. Those are 3am Ideas.

G’day! Thank you for checking us out. My name is Oli.

I started this crazy ride called 3am Ideas back in 2014, and since then virtually every business owner or entrepreneur I’ve met, has had at least one 3am idea in their life.

I love hearing every new one and being part of growing them.

Along with our clients, we’ve grown a little since those early days of looking after just business startups so now do look after the bigger guys too.

Get in touch, let’s chat. I look forward to hearing your 3am idea.


We’re not a stagnant big agency with high staff turnover.

We come with flavour, out-of-the-box thinking and a bit of an opinion.

But that’s why you’re paying us. For our expertise.

We want you to think of us as your marketing team. On this journey with you until we reach your goals.

Whatever you have defined that to be for you and your business.

Substituting your job’s income or maybe a private jet? Either way, let’s get you there.

We’re here for the blood, sweat and tears, as well as the successes.

We want to be there for those late night messages when the first wins come through, or when you’ve finally secured that massive deal that changes everything.

That puts a smile on our faces.


Let’s achieve some amazing things together!


Our Process


1. Interview

After initial contact, we will usually aim to set up a coffee or Skype meeting with you. We need to know as much about your business as you do. We match your goals with a potential strategy.


2. Strategic Plan

From our meeting, we formulate a 3-6 month plan for you. Pick as much or as little you like. We don’t lock you in with contracts. Only performance.

Know this, a successful marketing strategy rarely shows fruit overnight. For some industries to get new clients we require 5-20 points of contact. That takes time.

3. Launch

As quickly as possible we move towards executing your plan. We’re aiming for a Minimum Viable Product. The sooner we start the sooner we gather valuable data on your performance and returns, but most importantly, get you on the radar.

4. Evaluate

At every step, we evaluate how we are tracking compared to our goals and milestones. Things can happen quickly, so a 6-month plan might have to happen in 3.

5. Optimise

In the early stages of your new website, or advertising campaign, what you are doing is gathering data. We need to learn how users are engaging and which actions are actually profitable for you. There’ll be no wasting of your budget!

6. Scale Up

We’ve now discovered what’s working for you. It’s time to scale up. If you’d invested $500 in your marketing budget and got $1-2000 in return, why wouldn’t you scale your campaigns to $5k, $10k, or even $20k/month? We are here to grow, right?


When we opened our doors in 2014, we were the first in Perth to exclusively cater to small and startup businesses. Our package wasn’t overpriced and actually delivered in value and on the results needed for our clients to grow.

Today, we are still doing the same thing except at an even more refined level. We use social networks, the management of your social content and online marketing to get you where you want to be. Thanks to our extensive experience we can usually tell straight away what you’re going to need over the next 3-24 months to make your goals a reality.

Digital marketing is our passion. We dedicate ourselves to you & your company’s success. Our no lock-in contracts mean we rely only on our performance to retain you.


Giving our clients the peace of mind in knowing our consistent level of performance is important to us.

We are reliable, timely and are ready to scale your services as you see more and more value in our offering.

With no lock-in contracts, it is our performance and delivery of results that keeps you with us.

“I’ve had a lot of dealings with 3am Ideas and they have always been extremely helpful and professional. Give them a try for any online needs including web design but especially digital marketing. I’ve happily referred people to 3am Ideas and will continue to do so.”


When you’re ready to take your business SEO to the next level, let’s talk and get you an obligation-free quote.