Competitor Intelligence Reports

Reverse engineer a company’s digital campaigns with our competitor research reports

Want to know what your competition is up to? What they’re doing on Google Ads, with their social media, or which pages or blogs are driving the most traffic?

Competitor Digital Marketing Audit

Want to know what your competition is doing online? How about which pages attract most of their traffic, and with what keywords? 

Tell us which competitor you want us to audit, and we’ll use our industry tools to almost entirely reverse engineer their digital marketing and content creation efforts.

from just  $1,900 +GST

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What We Include In The Competitor Audit Report

Without breaching privacy, or the law, we compile your report with the best available data.


Learn everything technical there is to know about your competitor’s website.

See whether they’re tracking their online performance, and how well, to content they’ve chosen to let lapse. 

SEO Audit

We’ll completely reverse engineer their Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

We’ll tell you which pages and blog posts bring them most of their traffic, and what keywords and other strategies they’re using to rank. 



Content drives SEO and you’ll get a complete overview of your competitor’s content creation strategy, frequency, wordcount, and the media used.

This will give you a clear insight as to what you need to be doing to outrank and outperform them online. 

Paid Advertising

Want to know whether your competition is pursuing paid advertising?

How about the keywords, ad copies, and the approximate monthly budget?

Our tools let us crawl the Google advertising network for all of this information, and more.

Social Media

From organic strategy, to hashtags, right down to data on their paid advertising and estimated performance.

Your report includes a breakdown of organic strategy on popular social platforms, as well as information on Facebook and Instagram advertising.  

Email Marketing

We’ll uncover your competitor’s email marketing and nurturing funnel over a 14-day period.

Giving you insights into their EDM strategy, content, frequency, and any lead magnets they’re using to nurture their customers.

How It Works

Our simple process will get you the data you need to make informed decisions


Hit the button below and fill out the form to give us the details we need about your competitor.


We’ll then arrange to have a brief discussion with you about your desired outcome for our CI Report.

We’ll then conduct some preliminary research to ensure the data is available and we’ll be able to deliver.


Once we’re certain we can deliver we get your contract and payment sorted out.

We’ll then commence with compiling your report. This usually takes a minimum of 15 days as some of the processes we’re monitoring for you we monitor for at least 2 weeks.


When we’re done with your report we’ll send it over to you, and we’ll schedule in for an up to 1-hour meeting to discuss the findings.

From here, we’re available to consult you on how to implement these findings into an executable strategy.

Who Would Benefit Most From These

These reports are designed for growing companies looking to understand their competition and actively seek to implement the findings of the report into their digital marketing strategy.

Growing Teams

Growing businesses looking at digital marketing with an outcome focused approach.

Get clear guidance on what it’ll take to take traffic from the competition.


Medium-Sized Companies

Medium-sized companies with in-house marketing teams looking to take their digital marketing, SEO, and paid advertising strategies further.

Take our report and have your team implement our recommendations.


Savvy Startups

Savvy startup entrepreneurs and ventures looking to understand the market they’re entering.

Use our report to carve your share of the market.


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from just  $1,900 +GST