Local SEO

Local SEO is usually the first area of search engine optimisation that businesses will invest in as it tends to be the lowest hanging fruit for online growth.

Local SEO is about conquering your local search engine results.

Local SEO can help bring in website traffic from audiences who are geographically relevant to your business.

Are you looking to get more business from your local area or suburb? Unless you’re an eCommerce store, you’re most likely going to need at least some form of local SEO to bring in local foot traffic.

  • How Local SEO Helps
  • Google My Business
  • NAP Citations
  • Social Media

Most people tend to spend money within local proximity around their home or workplace. Tapping into this market can often be done quite easily with a little adjustment of both website and external signals. Local SEO can have tangible results on your lead generation process.


Google offers a number of free tools and suites that allow you to establish an official relationship with the search engine. Google Analytics allows you to track your visitors, Google Webmaster Tools submits your website to the search engine and track what queries people use to find you, and Google My Business allows you to create a local Google profile indicating opening hours, service areas and contact phone number.

If you’re wanting to use local SEO for your business, having a Google My Business profile set up is crucial in getting you into the maps listing, also known as the Map Pack.

Having a verified and completed Google My Business profile will allow your customers to leave reviews no your business. Reviews on Google have been proven over and over again to impact your ranking. More importantly, this will also qualify you for localised search queries like “plumber in belmont”.


Getting Google My Business setup is a fairly easy and free process. Just make sure you’re verifying your GMB in order to be shown on maps. This will either be done through a postcard sent to your business address or a phone call directly from the Google overlords themselves.

Once setup you want to go about optimising your GMB by uploading as much relevant information as you possibly can. Add your phone number, business address and service areas, make sure you’re adding your website and logo.

If you can also regularly upload pictures to your Google profile you will find a little bit more weight being given to your profile, helping your click-through rates and generally improving website visits.



Just as brand consistency is important for your brand’s messaging, when it comes to local SEO, and SEO in general, one of the important things you want to strive for, other than accuracy, is consistency when it comes to your published information.

In particular, you want to make sure your NAP citations are consistent across the internet. NAP stands for “Name”, “Address”, “Phone number” and will be the three most common ways people will try to find you to get in touch with you.

Listing your NAP information on multiple websites such as Yellow Pages and other business directories will be tracked by Google. Ensuring you have consistent information lets the search engines know where to place you and with what information.


With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, you’re bound to find a social media platform that is right for you, your content and your audience.

Being present on social media gets you and your content in front of prospective customers. While not only highly likely to convert, attracting high-quality traffic to your content will send positive signals to Google, ultimately impacting your ranking.

When you’re completing your social media profiles make sure you’re submitting as much information as you possibly can. In particular, you’re wanting to make sure you list your website address as often as possible without looking unnatural.

Also, make sure you’re using social media to promote your content when it’s new to speed up the indexing.



If you’re in Perth and are wanting to attract more business and leads through the Google Maps, then Local SEO is for you.

A tremendous number of Google clicks go to the Map pack and these visitors are very likely to pick up the phone to call you.

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If you’re in Melbourne and are wanting to attract more business and leads through the Google Maps, then Local SEO is for you.

A tremendous number of Google clicks go to the Map pack and these visitors are very likely to pick up the phone to call you.

Trust your Melbourne Local SEO to 3am Ideas.


Here at 3am Ideas, we specialise in local SEO helping small businesses with their search engine ranking in a competitive market.

After an initial audit of your site, we put together a 3-month plan SEO strategy for you that is bound to show you a respectable ROI. We work with small businesses and startups on a regular basis and have put together and executed many first-page ranking tactics.

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