Marketing For Lawyers

by | Aug 16, 2018


Marketing For Lawyers

Honestly, what would the world do without lawyers? Whether you’re in family law, corporate, estate planning or an immigration agent, without you we would all end up in a whole heap of a mess because nobody reads terms and conditions anymore.

We’ve had the pleasure of running marketing campaigns for a number of different law firms and legal professionals and what we often find is while they are incredibly excellent at what they do, that doesn’t come through when they have a go at marketing themselves.

While they might have tried Facebook™ or Google Ads™ they don’t seem to be able to achieve consistent, if any, results or just end up being too busy in their own business to worry about it.

So if you’re stuck trying to find a constant flow of clients, or how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd, here’s what has worked for us working with some of Perth’s finest legal and immigration firms.

Read on to get our tips on what has worked when it comes to marketing for lawyers.

Marketing For Lawyers Tip #1: Personal Branding To Create Trust

From the client’s point of you, lawyers can blow you away with their skills and knowledge but you also have a reputation for billing them just for picking up the phone. While lawyers naturally attract a higher level of trust, it is firewalled by the dread of insanely high fees. A great way to build trust, especially if you’re only just starting out your business in law, is with personal branding.

This should start at your website. Have an “Our People” section on your site with head and should shots. While not necessary, we would recommend hiring a professional photographer for this.

The other amazing digital marketing tool available to us is LinkedIn™. It’s probably the best social media platform when it comes to personal branding. You have an incredible opportunity to share your knowledge and to build to up an online profile around yourself. Unless you’re one of the big law firms, the client isn’t going to be buying from your brand, they are buying from you personally, or one of your colleagues they might have connected with.

More often than not you will find that while you might have come recommended by somebody, or have shown up on Google because of your ads, a good chunk of people will stalk you online. One of the first things that will show up when you Google yourself will likely be your LinkedIn™ profile. Manage that presence.

Some things to keep in mind when you’re undertaking personal branding exercises for marketing purposes:

  • Be consistent
  • It shouldn’t need to be said but spell check what you publish
  • Don’t be salesy
  • Engage with other people in your industry
  • Share knowledge from your strength areas
  • Be yourself

You’re trying to stand out and you can’t please everybody and unless you’re trying to be the fast food outlet of law, it shouldn’t matter. The important thing is you’re connecting with people and for those who you do reach, they’ll hopefully be as close to your ideal client as possible.

Marketing For Lawyers Tip #2: Google Ads™

The legal space is probably the one area where we see some of the best results with Google Ads™. Whether it is our experience in this niche or law, in general, is just a profitable area.

People who engage with Google Ads™ are actively seeking a service. Through their search queries and our keywords we can control when and where we display your advertising.

With such a motivated audience we find that advertising on Google™ is an effective and scalable way of ensuring a consistent flow of leads.

The minimum monthly advertising budget we would recommend for your area is $1,200 and depending on your firm’s capacity for work you should aim to scale this to $60,000 per annum based on the ROI you’re seeing.

Marketing For Lawyers Tip #3: Facebook™ Retargeting Ads

While the conversion rate on cold traffic from Google Ads™ already tends to be quite favourable, we often see tremendous results when we engaged retargeting, or remarketing, advertising strategies on Facebook™.

Retargeting ads are advertisements served to an audience that has previously visited your website. This audience is already warmer than any other website traffic, they may just need a little nudge or a little bit of extra trust building to convert.

If you happen to be retargeting an audience that has come in through your Google Ads™ in the first place, you are targeting a warm audience that has previously self-qualified itself through their own search queries. Powerful stuff!

Utilising your Facebook™ Pixel you can automatically target past website visitors or those who only visited a specific page. We suggest going no further back than 14 days as you will otherwise overexpose your ads to site visitors, especially if the supply of cold website traffic is low. Start with 7 days retargeting and work your way up.

Marketing For Lawyers Tip #4: Create PDFs and give them away

Let’s face it, lawyers know a lot of stuff us peasant folk would really love to know, or could really benefit from knowing.

While we’re not saying you should give away something that would otherwise be an income stream for you, there are a lot of opportunities for you to create valuable PDFs to give away.

Checklists are probably one of the best and easiest things you can create. Not only could these be tremendously helpful to your audience, it also ties back into your personal branding exercises, and it might even make your own job a little easier if the client comes to you prepared thanks to your own checklist.

If you want to make them look professional, employ a graphic design freelancer to create some pdf templates for you. It’s a great way to build on your personal and company brand, and a surefire way of building brand awareness through clever marketing.

If you’re confident in your social media marketing skills you can even try to advertise these pdfs on Facebook­™ to reach a wider audience.

If you really want to take it to the next level, share the pdf via your website and exchange it for an email address. That way you can build on your email database at the same time.

Summing Up

When you got into law you didn’t get into it so you could spend your day trying to promote and win more business. Marketing for lawyers isn’t overly complicated it just needs a bit of dedicated and strategy.

Most importantly it requires you to build trust with your audience and we’ve discussed how personal branding and creating pdfs of that help your prospective clients really build on that.

Back it up with Google Ads™ and Facebook™ retargeting, and you have a solid little funnel in place that should net you decent results.

Let us know how you went by jumping over to our Facebook™ page and leaving a comment.

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