Why SEO Is So Important

by | May 8, 2019

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Why Is SEO So Important?

Search Engine Optimisation agencies across Australia are helping business rank higher, so its importance is usually not doubted, but if you are having concerns, we have compiled a list of reasons and relevant explanations as to why SEO is so important. If you don’t have time to read the whole article on why SEO is so important here’s a quick recap:

  1. It’s Profitable
  2. Gain Control Over Your Business Development
  3. It Makes Users Happy
  4. It’s Predictable & Sustainable
  5. SEO Builds Trust
  6. SEO Is Quantifiable
  7. It Puts You Ahead Of The Competition

The SEO Landscape

As a business owner you’ve definitely come across the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. You may be asking yourself though what it even is, and what the costs of search engine optimisation are.

Let’s explore.

Starting your own business requires huge amounts of work and preparation. You must formulate ideas around your products and services, think up a company name,  create a supply chain, make an awesome website, all with what little capital you have raised. After this, you have a business! But your business is nothing without customers, is it? This part of the equation is vital of course. You can only make money when consumers visit your storefront and website, and purchase what it is you’re selling.

You might think that once your website is live, you’re done! That’s not the case, sadly.

Some entrepreneurs build themselves the most amazing website with the best interface and experience, this is an enormously important first step. However when it comes to creating a fully-fledged and effective marketing campaign around your business, there are more elements needed.

Search Engine Optimisation & The Importance Of SEO

Most importantly, your website should serve a singular and integral purpose, which is to bring your business customers. According to research done by Fractl & Moz, consumers buying proclivities are positively influenced by engagement in marketing tactics such as products found in search, customer reviews, and online articles. These activities are all inbound marketing strategies that draw in traffic to your website.

To get the most out of your site, it must be search engine ready. If this means you have to spend time learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) then so be it! A common option for success is to outsource these tasks to a reputable professional digital marketing agency who works on SEO for many companies daily, and understand the intricacies of the industry already. Although you may not have a lot of capital as a small business, return on investment can be high.

A website is not simply something to fill a space on your business cards and flyers. For successful businesses large and small, it is the cornerstone of their strategies, and if you’re thinking of creating a business it has to be too.

Why SEO Is So Important For Your Business:

  • It’s Profitable

    Once you’re generating a decent volume of traffic you will find your sales, or leads, going through the roof. Traffic from Search Engine Optimisation has a very significant chance of converting, as they tend to have high purchasing intent and you were one of their top choices when it came to selecting you on Google. When you first get started with SEO it is a long-term investment but it is sure to pay off when done right.

  • Gain Control Over Your Business Development

    We hear it time and time again that people’s Facebook or Google ad accounts were suddenly suspended or both legitimate and illegitimate reasons. Sometimes they are reinstated but sometimes, for possibly a minor mistake, you can permanently lose access to your data. In other cases, we’ve seen how the change of Linkedin’s subscription model for their premium users impacted people’s ability to generate business. If you’re solely relying on online advertising or lead generation through a third-party platform like Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, or Linkedin, you’re never truly in control. A simple change in the algorithm can spell disaster. Futureproof yourself and invest in SEO services alongside your other channels.

  • It Makes Users Happy

    Have you ever had to use a website that was poorly optimised, not mobile friendly or awfully slow to load? Have you ever tried to use a government website? They are usually clunky and confusing to use, which leads to user frustration. In the case of government websites, we often don’t have the choice about whether we use the site or not; we simply have to. In the case of your business, this usually doesn’t apply. People have a choice to leave for your competitor’s website that doesn’t have these issues. So, you’ll want to keep your users happy.

    The best Search Engine Optimisation services take into account user experience covering load speed, ease of use and mobile compatibility. Not only do you end up ranking higher, but your rate of conversion is likely to go up as your user experience goes up.

  • It’s Predictable & Sustainable

    Once you’ve reached the sacred #1 spot on Google, you’re usually pretty keen on keeping it. The longer you’re on #1 spot the harder it will be to dethrone you. Regularly monitoring your competitor’s websites for updates and attempts to take your #1 spot will help you in being proactive about your business, rather than reactive.

    Continuous maintenance and improvement of your already great content will do wonders for you. It is unlikely for you to lose #1 spot overnight.

  • SEO Builds Trust

    First, you build trust with Google by creating an online entity and building out backlinks. Then you would have earned the trust with your audience. Everybody knows getting to the top spot of Google takes time, effort, and money. Authority is earned and built on overtime. It doesn’t happen immediately.

    Once you’re there you attract an incredible amount of trust and credibility. It’s similar to getting thousands of likes on your social media posts. There’s a reason people are engaging, and there’s a reason Google is ranking you #1.

  • SEO Is Quantifiable

    “Here are the keywords you wanted to rank for, here is where you were ranking before, and here is where you’re ranking now.” Pretty straight forward, and a conversation we have on a monthly basis.

    SEO is that simple to track. Measuring the impact of SEO on your business is another thing, though. While we might be ranking you for Keyword X, you will undoubtedly begin increasing your rank for search phrases related to Keyword X. It’s incredibly powerful stuff.

  • It Puts You Ahead Of Competitors

    Looking at all the benefits that SEO can have on your business’ digital presence, there’s really no doubt that it will put you ahead of the competition. You’re improving the experience users have on your site, you’re driving more people to this improved portal, you’re (hopefully) creating plenty of helpful content, generating more leads and work for you, allowing you to improve your business and your overall service to your customers.

    SEO is a digital marketing superfood. You should be on it!

Why Is SEO So Important?

A great website is designed to attract audiences organically by pulling in inbound traffic. Search engines are there to help you do so, and by utilising tools and processes to increase search engine optimisation, your potential customers will be able to find and buy your products or services faster and easier! If this is all too much for you then you should perhaps consider soliciting a professional digital marketing agency to help you with a tailored SEO service. It is paramount that every business takes advantage of these tactics, as SEO is so important to your business.

Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

If you don’t think you’re quite ready to reap the benefits of a professional digital marketing agency in Perth, or not sure if it’s worth the investment, 3am Ideas offers a free 1-hour consultation. We can sit down with you and go over everything you currently have in place, and what you might want to consider implementing over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

Consultations available via Skype if you’re interstate or based overseas. We’re happy working with clients from all over Australia and the world!

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