Take your site to the next level,
with our Top 5 WordPress Plugins 2018

Plugins can really enhance the power and functionality of your website. What previously you would have had to pay a developer for you can now often achieve with a simple download.

We’ve compiled a short list of our Top 5 WordPress Plugins 2018 that will enhance the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Whether it’s ranking higher, loading quicker or just making life easier, these are well worth it.

WP Rocket (Paid Plugin)

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin. Caching is the process of temporarily storing information so that it may be accessed again, easier in the future. In layman’s terms, it makes your website load faster.

Faster loading speeds have been proven, over and over again, to increase the ranking of your website. Not to mention, it leads to a higher conversion rate of your website visitors because they aren’t getting frustrated by a slow browsing experience.

The plugin is relatively simple to install and often works straight out of the box without configuration. Sure, you can squeeze more performance out of it if you know what you’re doing, but it will do the job without adjustments.

Gravity Forms (Paid Plugin)

Considering most websites are designed to generate new leads, mostly through people contacting your business, you want a contact form platform that you can rely on.

We’ve seen it too often where free contact form plugins have stopped working without notice, leading to days, or even weeks, of new leads getting lost in the ether.

With its ease of integration into Google Analytics goal tracking, premium customer support and an easy drag-and-drop form builder, we love using Gravity forms at 3am.

Yoast SEO (Free Plugin) – Caution: Read this update!

Yoast SEO has to be, hands down, one of the most popular plugins out there. It allows you to easily change your web pages’ appearance on the search engines.

From changing your meta description to ensuring you have a clear information hierarchy on each page, Yoast gets installed on basically every website we ever build. On-page SEO becomes a lot easier with this plugin guiding you.

Don’t take it as gospel though, it is just a guideline to assist you. Critical thinking must be applied.

Facebook Pixel (Free Plugin)

There used to be a time when you used to have to manually adjust your website’s files, find your </head> section and place some of Facebook’s generated code into it. All of that, especially for the rookie developer, could turn nasty very quickly. From having a fully operational website, you now had nothing at all or ugly lines of code across the top of your site.

Introducing the Facebook Pixel plugin. We have spoken about the Facebook pixel on our previous “Startup Checklist” post but essentially this little pixel allows you to take your Facebook advertising to the professional level.

It tracks Facebook users and how they use and engage with your website. From there we can retarget them, find people similar to them, and so much more. With the Facebook Pixel plugin, you can install basic tracking and events with a few clicks. Please note: This plugin should be generated through your Facebook Business account.

Duplicator (Free Plugin)

Duplicator, as the name suggests, allows you to duplicate your website content onto new pages. Copy/pasting is one of the web designer’s most powerful tools, but being able to duplicate entire pages or posts with just one click, saves a lot of time.

Why try to recreate landing pages with proven success, when you have a template right in front of you. Just hit, duplicate! A great tool for any web designer.

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