Top Social Media Platforms to Promote & Grow Your Business

by | Sep 21, 2023

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms to Promote and Grow Your Business

Australia’s Top Social Media Platforms for Business Use

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the right social media marketing strategy can elevate your business to unprecedented levels. The rise of social media tech has flung open the doors to digital marketing for businesses big and small.

But keep in mind, not all social media platforms are created equal—each has its own strengths, content preferences, and core audience. Each will also require it’s own approach on how best to manage these social media platforms.

It’s crucial to choose the correct platforms where you’ll find the most receptive audience and to pinpoint the platform that aligns best with your target market. In this guide, we explore the top social media platforms to foster business growth, factoring in estimated daily user count, user demographics, and advertising options.

Social Media Platform Demographic Breakdown

Let’s dive deeper into Australia’s leading social media platform. Here we’ll look each each platform’s user, user demographics, the types of businesses that could benefit from having a presence, and finally the types of ads that are available.


Estimated Daily User Count: 1.84 billion (Source)
Common Demographics: Broad demographic reach, strong among ages 25-34.
Useful For Businesses: Almost all types.
Advertising: Available, with retargeting options.

Facebook is mainly a social networking site where people connect with friends and family. Businesses can create Pages and Groups to interact with customers, providing a mix of promotional and informational content. Video and live streaming perform particularly well on this platform.

X, formerly known as Twitter

Estimated Daily User Count: 187 million (Source)
Common Demographics: Skews toward a younger, urban audience.
Useful For Businesses: Media, entertainment, Agribusinesses, tech companies.
Advertising: Available, including retargeting.

Twitter excels in real-time engagement and is great for sharing quick updates, news, or flash sales. With its character limit, concise and compelling text along with eye-catching images often get the most attention.


Estimated Daily User Count: 310 million monthly active users (Source)
Common Demographics: Professionals, mainly ages 30-49.
Useful For Businesses: B2B, recruitment, professional services.
Advertising: Available, with retargeting options.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where businesses often share industry articles, company news, and job openings. Long-form content and professional insights generally perform well here.


Estimated Daily User Count: Over 30 million daily active users (Source)
Common Demographics: Broad demographic reach, popular among ages 18-34.
Useful For Businesses: Entertainment, education, product demonstrations.
Advertising: Available, including retargeting.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where businesses often upload tutorials, product reviews, or behind-the-scenes looks. Video content, especially how-to guides, performs exceptionally well on this platform.


Estimated Daily User Count: 444 million monthly active users (Source)
Common Demographics: Predominantly female users interested in fashion, food, and decor.
Useful For Businesses: Retail, fashion, home decor, recipe blogs.
Advertising: Available, but no retargeting options.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine often used for planning and inspiration. Businesses can create “Pins” that link back to their website, ideal for showcasing products and visual content.


Estimated Daily User Count: Over 500 million (Source)
Common Demographics: Younger audiences, ages 18-29.
Useful For Businesses: Retail, travel, lifestyle brands.
Advertising: Available, including retargeting.

Instagram is a visual platform primarily for sharing photos and short videos. With features like Stories and Reels, businesses can showcase products or offer a behind-the-scenes look in a more casual, ephemeral way.


Estimated Daily User Count: Over 1 billion monthly active users (Source)
Common Demographics: Gen Z and younger millennials.
Useful For Businesses: Entertainment, fashion, young brands.
Advertising: Available, including retargeting.

TikTok specializes in short-form videos and is great for businesses aiming for viral content. Creativity and originality are key, and challenges often get a lot of traction. TikTok promote has a number of incentives to get you started with your ads. It’s also currently one of the cheapest to reach a wider audience. We highly recommend using TikTok Ads Manager, rather than just the Promote feature found on the app itself.

To get started with TikTok Ads, head here – https://business.tiktok.com/



Estimated Daily User Count: Approximately 280 million (Source)
Common Demographics: Primarily Gen Z and younger millennials.
Useful For Businesses: Retail, fashion, entertainment.
Advertising: Available, but no retargeting.

Snapchat is designed for mobile and excels in temporary, ephemeral content. Businesses often use it for behind-the-scenes looks, flash sales, or exclusive previews.


Estimated Daily User Count: Data not readily available.
Common Demographics: Photographers and graphic designers.
Useful For Businesses: Photography, art, design.
Advertising: Not available.

Flickr is mainly a photo-sharing platform often used for showcasing high-quality images. Businesses in photography and graphic design can use it as a portfolio to attract clients.


Estimated Daily User Count: Around 11 million (Source)
Common Demographics: Primarily Gen Z and millennials interested in art and subcultures.
Useful For Businesses: Niche businesses, art, fashion.
Advertising: Available, no retargeting.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with a focus on short-form and visual content. It’s ideal for businesses that can engage with niche communities through unique, shareable content.

WhatsApp Business

Estimated Daily User Count: Over 2 billion monthly active users (Source)
Common Demographics: Broad demographic reach, popular in Asia and Europe.
Useful For Businesses: Customer service and local businesses.
Advertising: Not available.

WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging service that allows businesses to engage with customers on a one-on-one basis. It’s particularly useful for customer service and sending personalized updates or promotions.


Choosing the right social media platforms will enable you to effectively engage with your audience and expand your business presence online. By understanding the unique features and demographic reach of each platform, you can craft a more tailored and effective social media strategy.

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