Rank and Rent Websites

So you’ve received an email from us about renting a website. Now what?

Let us quickly take you through the concept behind it, how it works, and whether it’s going to be worth it for you.

The Rank & Rent Model. How Does it Work?

Rank and rent relies is a strategy within the field of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

The basic concept behind it is, that we find highly valuable domain names that are very likely to attract a lot of search engine traffic.

We do all of the work to build a website, create content, and begin ranking the website higher and higher on Google to start receiving enquiries from genuine customers.

That’s where you come in.

For a nominal monthly fee, you’ll be the sole recipient of all of these enquiries for the particular website you’ve decided to rent.

But why would you do that? Let’s find out…

Rank and Rent a Website in Perth Australia

Why You Should Consider Rank & Rent

Consider it a low-cost and low-risk option to add more leads into your business pipeline.

Historically, you would have paid for your website in full, then engaged a marketing agency to run ads or SEO for you in order to start generating leads through your site and you hoped that this would work out for you.

What if we took all of that upfront cost and risk out of the equation with a simple, monthly agreement that you can cancel at any time?

What do you get for all of this, and how much is it?

What’s Included & What’s It Worth?

Your Rank and Rent property will act as your website, or if you already have one, a second website.

Consider this, there are 10 available slots of Google’s Page 1. Your website takes up one of those, if you’re lucky to be found.

What if you could take up multiple of these slots and begin pushing out your competitors? What if your competitors did that to you?

Would a website bringing in several leads a week be worth a monthly investment of $500-$1000?

As part of the Rank & Rent System you get:

  1. Exclusive access to all leads generated through the site
  2. A dedicated tracking number and tracking portals to monitor site performance and return-on-investment
  3. Your logo & branding across the website
  4. Monthly support behind the scenes to make sure your website is constantly performing
  5. Month-by-month engagement

Sound too good to be true? No harm in having a chat, get in touch below.

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We’ve been helping small and startup businesses with their digital growth since 2014, adapting to all of the algorithm updates, user behavioural and technological changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rank & Rent

Rank & Rent is a fairly new concept to Australia. Equally, these opportunities to rent a website come up rarely due to the highly competitive nature and limited supply of valuable domain names.

What is Rank & Rent in SEO?

Rank & Rent is an SEO strategy where you create a website targeting a specific niche, rank it on search engines, and then rent the website to a local business in that niche.

How do we ensure the success of a Rank & Rent website?

To ensure the success of a Rank & Rent website, we focus on creating high-quality content, building backlinks, optimizing for local search, and establishing a strong online presence.

Will this be valuable to my business?

Whether or not Rank and Rent is valuable to the rentee depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the website, the competitiveness of the targeted keywords, and the nature of the rentee’s business.

If the website is well-designed, optimized for search engines, and ranks high for valuable keywords, then it has the potential to generate a significant amount of traffic and leads for the rentee. This can be especially valuable for businesses that are just starting out, or that have limited resources for marketing and advertising.

Who is Rank and Rent perfect for?

Rank and Rent can be a good fit for a variety of businesses, but it is particularly well-suited for those that operate in local markets and have a focus on generating leads. This is because the Rank and Rent model is typically used to create a website that ranks high in search engine results for local keywords, such as “plumber near me” or “personal injury lawyer in Perth”

Some examples of businesses that may benefit from Rank and Rent include:

  1. Home service businesses: Plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, and other home service businesses can use Rank and Rent to generate leads for their services in a specific geographic area.

  2. Law firms: Lawyers who specialize in specific areas of law, such as personal injury or family law, can use Rank and Rent to generate leads for potential clients in their local area.

  3. Medical practices: Doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers can use Rank and Rent to generate leads for new patients in their local area.

  4. Real estate agents: Real estate agents can use Rank and Rent to generate leads for buyers and sellers in specific neighborhoods or communities.

Overall, Rank and Rent is best suited for businesses that have a clear understanding of their target market and can benefit from generating leads through online search.

How much does Rank and Rent cost?

The monthly fee can vary depending on the niche and location, with more competitive niches and larger cities typically commanding higher fees. In general, Rank and Rent websites can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month to rent.

Typically, an average niche will cost between $500 and $1,000/month for a Perth-targeted website.

The great thing about rank and rent is that he cost of building and ranking the website is typically borne by the marketer or SEO specialist so that all you have to do is come in and service the work.

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