Social Media Content Ideas November 2023

by | Nov 8, 2023

Social Media Content Ideas November 2023

With Perth’s jacarandas in full bloom this late spring, November in Western Australia is a prelude to summer and a hotspot for some of the biggest retail dates of the year. It’s an opportune time for local businesses to captivate their audience with a mix of timely and engaging content.

Here’s how you can align your social media strategy with key November dates to ignite your brand’s presence.

1. Black Friday Buildup (November 24, 2023)

Create a sense of urgency leading up to Black Friday. Begin early in the month with teaser posts, and as the date approaches, ramp up with daily deals or previews. Incorporate Perth’s culture and landmarks to connect with the local audience. Typically, we’re not fans of encouraging you to discount your services or products as we think it cheapens and dilutes the value of your brand. However, more and more Aussies are becoming demanding for Black Friday sales, so you may as well jump on board.

2. Cyber Monday Countdown (November 27, 2023)

Keep the Black Friday momentum going by immediately switching gears to Cyber Monday. Engage with your followers by offering tips on how to find the best online deals and showcasing your own. Highlight the convenience for Perth shoppers to get their summer essentials online. This is especially relevant if you’re in the tech, software, or Saas space.

3. Melbourne Cup Celebrations (November 7, 2023)

Though the race that stops the nation takes place in Melbourne, it’s celebrated country-wide. Engage your Perth audience with a virtual event on November 7th, or offer a special promotion in the spirit of the race. If you’re more sitting on the animal protection side, this is also a great day to raise awareness around that.

4. Jacaranda Season Photo Contest (Throughout November)

November is synonymous with the beautiful purple bloom of jacarandas. Run a contest for the best jacaranda photograph in Perth, encouraging submissions throughout the month, with a winner to be announced at the end. We’d highly encourage this one for people active in their local community, be it a restaurant, cafe, real estate agents, property managers, and even mortgage brokers or settlement agents. Start engaging your local community.

5. Local Business Spotlights (Fridays in November)

Use Fridays in November to feature a local Perth business, building community and showing your support for the local economy during the lead-up to the holiday season. Show off your clients, give them a thanks, and collaborate to cross pollinate each other’s social media networks.

6. Interactive Spring Polls (Early November)

As the weather warms up, find out what your audience loves about spring in Perth. Use this interactive content early in the month to engage users and inform your upcoming summer content. Always remember, social media should be a two way conversation, and you should encourage interactivity whenever possible. You’ll be directly playing the algorithm to your favour.

7. Giving Tuesday (November 28, 2023)

After the commercial rush, pivot towards community and charity on Giving Tuesday. It’s a day to promote acts of kindness and charity within the Perth community, encouraging followers to contribute to local causes. We’re seeing a lot of customers becoming more community conscious on their social media. Offering giveaways to those who are struggling, and as the cost of living continues to rise, we’ll likely see even more of that.

8. Summer Preparation (Late November)

With summer on the horizon, share content that helps your Perth audience get ready for the heat. From the best local beaches for early summer dips to preparing homes for the warmer weather, offer valuable insights as November draws to a close. If you’re a gym, or other health business, now is the time to plant the seed for “summer bodies” and getting “beach ready”.

Your Top Content Ideas for November 2023

November is a month brimming with potential for Perth-based social media strategies. Mark your calendar with these key dates and plan content that’s both timely and engaging. Whether it’s through leveraging global shopping events or celebrating local charm, there’s no shortage of ways to connect with your audience. Let’s make this November a month to remember for your brand!

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