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Promoting Your Business Videos Using TikTok Ads Campaigns

Targeted TikTok Ad Campaigns

Stop simply posting on TikTok and hoping for the best.

Use strategic targeting, geofencing, and behavior-based audience selection to supercharge your campaigns.

Running ads on TikTok is more than just making videos—it’s about creating content that connects directly with your target audience at the right time.

Then you have to make sure they also see it.

Think about your own use of TikTok. Rarely are you searching for a product or service. Those just tend to magically find you

That’s us, using smart targeting to reach you—and that’s how we can help your business too.

As your premier Perth TikTok Ads agency, we’re here to amplify your business presence on social media, engaging users where they watch, laugh, and shop.

Paid TikTok Ads Campaign Management Agency in Perth
TikTok Ad Packages

TikTok Ad Packages

Finding the right advertising solution for your business

Our clients are leveraging TikTok Ads to expand their business, generate more leads, get sales for their e-Commerce stores, to enhance brand awareness, and stay top of mind.

TikTok allows us to precisely target your audience based on their interests, past behaviors, and even interactions with your content. This deep level of engagement makes TikTok an indispensable tool for businesses looking to connect with a younger, dynamic audience.

For many, TikTok marketing is now a critical component of their growth strategy—helping them generate leads and gain visibility among the right demographics, especially the younger audience.

We harness insights from your TikTok advertising campaigns to inform and optimise your future marketing efforts, ensuring every ad is strategically positioned for maximum impact.

What Are You Trying to Achieve with TikTok Ads?

Our clients pursue a variety of objectives with TikTok Ads. Typically, we focus on generating more leads, boosting sales for e-commerce stores, enhancing brand awareness, and staying top of mind among your audiences.

Objective: Generating More Leads

Through TikTok Ads, we create engaging, action-driven content that captures interest and encourages user interaction.

By targeting users based on detailed demographic and behavioral data, we place your brand in front of potential customers who are most likely to convert, effectively increasing your lead generation.

Objective: Boosting Sales for E-Commerce Stores

TikTok has become a powerful platform for e-commerce. We utilize features like shoppable ads and direct links to product pages to streamline the path from discovery to purchase.

This approach not only simplifies the buying process but also capitalizes on impulse buying behaviors, which are prevalent among TikTok users.

Objective: Retargeting on TikTok

Retargeting is a crucial strategy for maximizing the impact of your digital campaigns on TikTok. By targeting users who have previously interacted with your content or visited your website but didn’t make a purchase, we can re-engage them with tailored messages and offers. TikTok’s dynamic retargeting tools allow us to serve customized ads based on the specific actions users have taken, such as viewing a product or adding an item to their cart.

This method ensures that your brand remains at the forefront of their minds, increasing the likelihood of converting previous visitors into customers. Retargeting not only boosts your conversion rates but also enhances the overall efficiency of your advertising spend, making sure that no potential customer slips through the cracks.

Objective: Enhancing Brand Awareness

TikTok’s viral nature makes it an ideal platform for increasing brand visibility. We craft memorable, shareable content that stands out in a user’s fast-moving feed. By leveraging TikTok’s algorithm, we ensure your brand reaches a broad audience, helping you make a lasting impression.

Objective: Staying Top of Mind

To keep your brand top of mind, we employ continuous engagement strategies on TikTok, such as participating in trends, using popular audio, and maintaining a steady stream of fresh content. This consistent presence helps keep your brand relevant and familiar to your audience, ensuring you remain their first choice.

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Kelly Winder

As an industry professional, it's refreshing to work with a digital marketing agency like 3am Ideas who really know what they're doing. Over the last year, their support with SEO and social media has been phenomenal, and we're really happy with the performance of our Google Ads. It's definitely worth going with a Google Partner agency, for peace of mind.

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Roger Wiese

Good guys to work with. Know their stuff.

a review on 3am Ideas social media management

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Very Satisfied with Oli and the final web design he helped create for us. Definitely recommend anyone that is looking for a website designer to contact 3AM Ideas as they were professional, prompt and well priced.

In one form or another, every business we’ve every come across could draw some benefit from social media, especially social media advertising.

It’s not always about sales.

Your Meta Business Partner. A Facebook Ads Agency.

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Happy TikTok Ads Clients

Ensuring our clients are confident in our consistent performance is crucial to us. We pride ourselves on being reliable, prompt, and scalable, adapting our services as you see increasing value in what we deliver.

With no lock-in contracts, it’s our solid performance and tangible results that keep our partnerships strong. Your primary focus should be on the return on investment you’re achieving—we handle the rest, ensuring your TikTok campaigns are as effective and impactful as possible.

3am Ideas – Your Perth TikTok Ads Agency

When we first opened our doors in 2014, we set out to be Perth’s go-to agency for small and startup businesses, providing affordable yet value-packed advertising solutions. Our approach was and still is all about delivering tangible results that truly help our clients grow.

Today, we’ve honed our methods even further. We leverage TikTok and other social platforms, manage your digital content, and tailor online marketing strategies to precisely meet your needs. With our extensive experience, we quickly identify what you’ll need in the next 3-24 months to turn your business aspirations into reality.

Digital marketing isn’t just a job for us; it’s our passion. We’re wholly committed to your success and the growth of your company. With no lock-in contracts, our relationship with you is based purely on our ongoing performance and your continued satisfaction.

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