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Targeted LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

Enhance your visibility and connect directly with your core audience of professionals and business decision-makers.

Advertising on LinkedIn is substantially different, more challenging, and costly to run when compared to Facebook or Instagram ads.

It’s for those exact reasons you’ll want professional help with your LinkedIn Ad campaigns to ensure you’re reaching your target audience effectively.

As Perth’s premier LinkedIn Ads agency, we’re dedicated to leveraging this unique platform to foster growth and drive success for your business through sophisticated and effective advertising strategies.

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LinkedIn Advertising Packages

Tailoring advertising strategies to meet your business goals

Many of our clients turn to LinkedIn Ads to enhance their professional presence, attract high-caliber talent, and boost brand awareness within the industry.

LinkedIn’s targeted advertising capabilities allow us to precisely reach your desired audience by leveraging professional criteria such as industry, job function, and seniority, as well as through rich data insights including user behavior and direct interactions with your company.

For many businesses, LinkedIn is an indispensable tool for building connections, generating valuable leads, and increasing visibility among key decision-makers.

We harness the insights from your LinkedIn advertising campaigns to refine and optimize future marketing efforts, ensuring each strategy is data-driven and aligned with your growth objectives.

What Are Your LinkedIn Marketing Goals?

There are numerous objectives our clients achieve using LinkedIn Ads. Primarily, our focus is on fostering professional connections and enhancing brand visibility within specific industries. However, for many businesses, it’s also about recruiting top-tier talent, meeting compliance requirements for large corporations, and addressing a diverse array of professional needs.

Just like every campaign, every business is unique.

Objective: Lead Generation

Lead generation through LinkedIn Ads is a strategic objective aimed at connecting businesses directly with potential clients and key decision-makers in their industry. Unlike broader social platforms, LinkedIn provides a professional environment where ads can be targeted based on specific professional data such as job titles, functions, industries, and seniority levels. This precision allows for highly effective lead generation campaigns that are more likely to convert, as the audience is already professionally aligned with the offerings.

It’s important to note that while LinkedIn Ads are generally more expensive than Facebook Ads, the investment often yields a higher return in terms of quality leads. This is because LinkedIn’s environment and targeting capabilities enable advertisers to reach a more specific and relevant audience. The increased cost can be attributed to the premium nature of the platform, which caters predominantly to professionals and business contexts, making it an ideal medium for B2B lead generation and high-value B2C interactions. By investing in LinkedIn Ads, businesses can tap into a network of professionals who are more likely to engage seriously with their campaigns, resulting in leads that are more qualified and often closer to making purchasing decisions.

Objective: Ticking Compliance Boxes

In the complex landscape of corporate compliance, LinkedIn Ads serve as a strategic tool for businesses needing to demonstrate adherence to industry standards and regulations. For large corporations, particularly those in sectors such as finance, healthcare,mining, and construction, maintaining compliance is not just about internal governance but also about public perception and trust.

Through targeted LinkedIn campaigns, companies can highlight their commitment to compliance, showcasing certifications, accreditations, and compliance-related updates. This not only reinforces their reputation as trustworthy and reliable but also engages a network of professionals who value corporate responsibility and regulatory adherence.

By strategically positioning themselves on LinkedIn, businesses can effectively communicate their compliance credentials to a relevant professional audience, thus supporting their overall compliance strategy.

Objective: Brand Awareness

Focusing on growing brand and product awareness is perfect for social media. You can place your paid ads in front of your target audience, even if they’re not aware of your existence.

We’re essentially creating fake demand for your product, until the demand is real.

Objective: Retargeting/Remarketing

Just like other social media platforms, as well as on Google, retargeting ads can be easily placed on LinkedIn.

These are the types of ads that follow you around the internet after you’ve viewed a particular service, product, or engaged with a video online.

It gives us multiple points of exposure with your target audience that has already engaged with your brand. This is often the final nudge users need to go from sitting on the fence to turning into a lead.

Objective: Recruitment/Employment

If you’re in the corporate or professional space then your high-calibre talent is hanging out on LinkedIn.

Through both paid and organic LinkedIn marketing you can position your company in a way to make it more attractive to applicants. Whether they’re actively looking for their next employment chapter, or they’re simply passively open to the right opportunity.

Objective: Guerilla Marketing

Are you maybe competing for a big contract or a tender? Imagine if you could influence decision makers by exposing them to additional information and furthering brand awareness with them?

By limiting our targeting to specific geographic areas down to a singular building, we can target individuals where we know they’re likely to be.

Think outside the box and social media ads like Facebook can be the difference between securing that big deal or missing out.

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Kelly Winder

As an industry professional, it's refreshing to work with a digital marketing agency like 3am Ideas who really know what they're doing. Over the last year, their support with SEO and social media has been phenomenal, and we're really happy with the performance of our Google Ads. It's definitely worth going with a Google Partner agency, for peace of mind.

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Roger Wiese

Good guys to work with. Know their stuff.

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Very Satisfied with Oli and the final web design he helped create for us. Definitely recommend anyone that is looking for a website designer to contact 3AM Ideas as they were professional, prompt and well priced.

In one form or another, every business we’ve every come across could draw some benefit from social media, especially social media advertising.

It’s not always about sales.

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With flexible terms and no lock-in contracts, it’s our steadfast performance and tangible results that keep you partnered with us.

Your primary concern should simply be the return on investment you’re achieving.

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When we first opened our doors in 2014, we pioneered serving small and startup businesses in Perth with a focus on providing value-driven, reasonably priced packages. Our approach was designed to deliver the results necessary for our clients to thrive and grow.

Today, we continue to excel in our offerings, now with an even more refined touch. We leverage LinkedIn networks, manage your professional content, and execute targeted online marketing strategies to help you reach your aspirations. With our extensive experience, we can often immediately determine what you will need over the next 3-24 months to turn your business goals into reality.

Digital marketing is our passion. We commit ourselves fully to your and your company’s success. Our flexible, no lock-in contracts underscore our confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding results and retain your trust based solely on our performance.

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