Smileon Perth SEO Results


A Perth veneer dentist needed a fresh look at their marketing to invigorate a tired website that wasn’t performing.

Client: Smileon Perth

Website: www.smileonperth.com.au

Category: Dentist, Dental Veneers, Perth Dentist

Service: Web Design, Lead Generation and Perth SEO

The new owners of Smileon Perth came to us wanting to have a fresh new look for their website, and subsequently push this site using Search Engine Optimisation and paid advertising.

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SEO Results for a Perth Dentist Smileon Perth

Our Task

Our task was to build a new website, replacing the old and tired WordPress backend with a fresh new WordPress build, making it easier for the client to update information in-house.

This also gave us the opportunity to rebuild the website with SEO in mind.

The task after launch was to commence a paid advertising campaign across Google and Facebook’s advertising network, along with a focused SEO campaign to drive new traffic to the site.



It is vitally important when rebuilding a website that has been live for some time, to retain the value of your current SEO and Google ranking after launching your new site.

We’ve seen a number of horror stories where website traffic of a previously vibrant business, completely flatlined after they launched their rebranded and refreshed website.

Often web designers, aren’t aware of the SEO implications and processes to be followed when a new website replaces an old one.



It didn’t take long after the launch of the new website for website traffic to shoot up dramatically. The results graph above reflects purely organic (SEO) traffic.


There’s tremendous value in analysing existing website data and considering this when mapping out a new website.

Keep your user journey, as well as your high-value keywords and pages in mind and build your site geared towards these factors.

The results above speak for themselves and highlight the importance of comprehensive data tracking being in place, no matter how bad your current site might be. 

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