Crossfit Fibre is Perth’s #1 name in Crossfit.

Fibre required a new WordPress website and help with filling their gyms with new members.

We did just that using Google Ads & Facebook.

Client: Crossfit Fibre

Website: www.crossfitfibre.com.au

Category: Crossfit, Functional Fitness, Crossfit Perth, Perth Crossfit Gym

Service: WordPress Website

The Crossfit Fibre team approached us requiring an updated online presence for their website that had originally been built in-house.

The old website looked tired and lacked site visitor and conversion tracking.

We set them up with a website that is now a digital marketing tool for them.



Our Task

Our task was to rebuild a tired old website and due to licensing requirements we had create a Crossfit-related, and a non Crossfit-related website.

Once launched, we set them up with user tracking, search engine tracking, and got started with filling their Perth Crossfit gym with new members

Other tasks include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Management
  • Google Ads Management
  • Social Media Lead Generation


Dealing with Crossfit licensing can be a bit of a drama, particularly when it comes to SEO.

We had to manoeuvre strategically in order to not get the client into legal trouble with both the global Crossfit organisation, as well as local competitors who had licensed highly sought after SEO keywords.



In the end, we managed to rank the client for several highly competitive keywords including “kids crossfit classes Perth”.

Through this, we managed to attract their parents and continue building on their membership.


With a combination of online advertising and on-going Search Engine Optimisation efforts, we were able to get the Fibre boxes (that’s Crossfit talk for “gym) humming.


Is your marketing feeling a little disjointed? Let’s make it managed and resourced instead!