How Many Backlinks Are Needed To Get A High Ranking on Google?

by | Aug 15, 2023

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Unlocking the Secrets of Google’s Top Spots: The Unsung Hero of Backlinks

How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Rank?

Every website owner dreams of that coveted top spot on Google or Google Maps, but the path to SEO success often feels like navigating a complex labyrinth. Among the myriad of factors, backlinks emerge as both a cornerstone and a puzzle: How many do you truly need? And more importantly, how do you ensure they genuinely boost your ranking? Dive in as we demystify the world of backlinks and reveal strategies to harness their full potential.

We’ll finish up with giving you just a couple of insights on how you can generate more backlinks.

The True Essence of Backlinks

Backlinks, a pivotal aspect of SEO, have stirred debates and discussions. Everyone from novices to SEO gurus seeks the magic number. However, a universal answer remains elusive, primarily because backlinking is more nuanced than a mere number’s game.

Quality Over Quantity: The Backlink Paradigm

It’s tempting to assume more backlinks equate to higher Google rankings. But here’s the revelation: in the world of SEO, the quality of your backlinks holds more weight than their quantity. A single high-quality backlink can outshine hundreds of inferior ones. It’s essential to balance both quality and quantity when determining the ideal number of backlinks for your site.

Relevance of Backlink Source

A quality backlink isn’t just about high authority; it’s about relevance. An endorsement from a top Australian business site or industry-relevant blog holds more weight than a random international mention. Always align your backlink efforts with your business niche to reap the most benefits.

Additionally, you’ll find that more often than not, a backlink from another Australian source is far more credible than an international one. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Links from Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms are a classic example.

The Non-linear Nature of Page Rank

Google ranks pages on a scale from 1 to 10. While PR10 is the gold standard, representing impeccable content, PR0 might be associated with an amateur blog or poorly generated content. However, these rankings aren’t straightforward. A PR3 page could potentially be 10 times more influential than a PR2, and similarly, a PR5 might overshadow a PR4 by a significant margin. The journey is exponential, not linear.

Crafting Meaningful Backlinks

Backlinks are pathways, bridging content and enhancing connectivity. However, indiscriminately linking pages can backfire if they lack relevance to your primary content. Prioritise your audience’s experience. Misleading links can tarnish your site’s reputation and negatively impact rankings.

On-page Optimisation: The Silent Game Changer

Besides crafting quality backlinks, refining on-page optimization is paramount. A well-optimized page amplifies the potency of your links, plus nobody wants to point to a website that looks bad. After all, a site pointing to yours is also a bit of a reflection on their own values and what they deem to be credible. You’re unlikely for a reputable source to use you as a reference point if your website looks terrible or is unoptimised. Here are some vital optimisation tips:

  • Address broken links promptly.
  • Remove infrequently accessed pages.
  • Rotate your anchor text occasionally.
  • Boost your domain authority.

Backlink Acquisition Strategies

If you’re going to build backlinks to your site to rank higher, you’re going to want to be strategic about them. Not all links are made the same. Businesses can significantly benefit from guest posting on reputable local blogs, engaging in community sponsorships, or even offering insightful local resources. You can, however, harm yourself by getting rubbish backlinks from questionable sites. It is a fact that bad backlinks can harm your Google ranking.

Remember, it’s all about creating genuine connections that provide value to your audience. 

At the moment, one of the most powerful links we’re creating easily for clients is by organising collaborative articles between mutually supportive businesses. If you’re not in a position to do a collab article at the moment, read on.

Tapping Into Our Previous Insights

The first place you should check is one of our previous blog posts, The Top 10 Backlinks Australian Businesses Should Have. This comprehensive guide provides an excellent starting point for businesses keen on establishing a strong backlink foundation in the Australian market.

Leveraging Quality Content for Backlinks

The Power of Informative Content

For backlinks to be genuine and valuable, the content they point to must be top-notch. Crafting content that’s not only engaging but also authoritative encourages other websites to link back to you. Ensure your content is data-driven, informative, and accurate. Where necessary, bolster your claims with credible references. The game of gaining backlinks is becoming more and more like university assignments. We just hope Google isn’t going to soon require Harvard referencing styles.

How Many Backlinks Should A Website Have?

There’s no definitive number here that will result in ranking, or not ranking. There are plenty of pages out there that rank well without a single backlink, and on the flipside you have pages with thousands of backlinks and they’re not to be found on the first page of Google.

Ultimately, it’s all relative and ensuring you have a natural backlink profile. You don’t want to be building an excessive number of links because Google may well start pushing your ranks down.

Ensure that you have all of the common backlinks that Google would expect to find from a business, such as Facebook, Google My Business and other social media platforms. You’ll probably also want to be found on common listing or directory sites such as Hotfrog, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

How Many Backlinks Do I Have?

There are a number of ways you can determine which sites are linking back to yours. The free way is to ensure you have Google Search Console installed, and through this are tracking the sites that link to yours most often.

If you’re wanting a detailed breakdown, you’re going to need a premium tool such as SEMRush. This tool will also allow you to check on your competitors’ backlinks, aiding you in your own acquisition strategy.

Conclusion: Quality is the Key

In the realm of backlinks, quality undeniably takes precedence over quantity. Crafting linkable, high-quality website pages is the secret to higher rankings. While this overview sheds light on the essentials, remember that SEO is ever-evolving. Continually update your strategies and stay informed for the best results.


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