What You’re Doing Wrong With Your Social Media Marketing

by | Aug 13, 2017

How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement & Followers.

Sick Of Waiting For Leads From Social Media? Improve Your Social Media Game

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool with amazing potential for your business. You’ve heard this over and over again from digital marketing gurus parading their lavish social campaigns across your Facebook feed. You can’t escape those ads, offering the secret to social media marketing. Obviously, something is working for somebody.

With the right approach, social media marketing can work really well, however more often than not, we’re seeing business owners making costly mistakes on social media. Here’s how to avoid these.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You’re possibly not seeing that same level of success in your own campaigns though. You are hopefully trying to build engaging content but might also be boosting the odd post, publishing to local business groups on Facebook, creating your own artwork and you’re even being strategic with your ad targeting, pushing it to those who you think might be interested in what you’re offering. Sound familiar? Let us shed some free insights into what you’re possibly getting wrong and how can you tweak that to boost your performance. We are here to help you get more leads, no catch!

Article Summary

Too Long? Don’t Want To Read?

  • Give away free information and create benefit to your audience, this builds trust
  • Install the Facebook Pixel and start measuring your visitors and retarget them
  • Find a freelance designer and reduce your cost per campaign for professional artwork by using it numerous times
  • Reach the masses with your free content. Distil your audience down to a small group of highly qualified potential buyers
  • Get on a payment plan so you can have a proper online presence from Day 1, without the big hit to your cash balance. It will maximise your earning potential.

Read on for more detail on how you can better harness Facebook marketing for your business

The Social Media Marketing Misunderstanding

Whenever we meet new clients to discuss their social media strategy, the general thought seems to be that getting sales is about posting up a few ads and make sure they have nice artwork. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok marketing is still really attractive at the moment. It’s obviously working very well for some people and these clients want to be one of them. We can make that happen.

Unfortunately for all of us in the online community, somewhere along the line people started believing that if they just throw endless amounts of advertising on their and others’ Facebook pages, the business will just flow in.

Sounds ridiculous, because it is.

Social media exists to create engaging content that helps your audience.

This means if you’re a local cleaner, or a plumber, show your audience a couple of easy tricks of the trade. Win their trust and attention by showing them how to maybe change the washers on their own taps. Or, perhaps you have a secret combination of household goods that make an amazing environmentally friendly cleaning product? Share it and help out. Do you really want the customer that’s trying to save a couple of dollars at the moment?

Social Media For Entertainment & Infotainment

Understanding social media user intent

Users of social media don’t log on to these platforms to be sold to. This means, these channels are definitely not about continuously throwing sales incentives out there, but rather to tell a story and create value for your online community, building on that trust that you want to have put in you. You should aim to expose your brand message a minimum of 6-9 times before you even attempt a hard sale.

Remember the early days of Facebook? Every single business post was about discounts and pushing a sale down your throat. Awful!

Try This!

Avoid hard sales for the most part. Create content that creates genuine value to your audience. Give away something for free. Provide a benefit to your audience. This could be as simple as making them laugh with a short video from your place of work. You want them to consume the thing things you put online. The key is to encourage consumption. This builds trust and leads to sales.

Boosting Posts & Buying Page Likes. How Do Boosting Posts Work? Is It Effective?

Isn’t it fantastic how Facebook prompts you to boost one of your recent posts because it is “performing better than 80% of your other posts”? It’s an amazing way of making money, but not for you. If Facebook Business Manager, or the Facebook Pixel sound like a mystery to you, then you need to stop paying for Facebook promotions immediately!

The biggest mistake in digital marketing that you can ever make, is to not measure the performance of your campaigns. You need to know who is engaging with your content, how they came to find you and what they did on your website as a result of it. How else can you formulate a strategic campaign to attract and convert the right customers? Who in your target audience has a higher cost of acquisition, men or women? You should know these things.

Facebook puts these easy options out there because it is quick and easy money for them. A $5 post boost isn’t much for you, but across their 1.6 billion users, that’s good pocket money for them. Don’t waste yours on that rubbish.

Try This!

Install the Facebook Pixel and start setting up customs audiences and conversions. This will start the measuring process. When you do eventually start advertising you will want to utilise the available lookalike audiences putting you in front of people who are more likely to actually be interested in your services. That can only happen with the pixel installed.

As of a few years ago we’re also dealing with Meta’s Conversion API, a much more intricate way of measuring conversions. You must use CAPI in order to maximise your social media marketing.


How To Create Good Social Media Marketing Artwork

I know it can seem that paying for professional artwork is going to be expensive, especially since you might only be using it for one post or campaign. In reality what’s more expensive to you is slapping together a piece of artwork in Paint, Powerpoint, or your copy of Photoshop and putting it out there under your brand name. If a small suite of properly designed posts cost you $2-$300 and it got you a couple of jobs, wouldn’t that make it a worthwhile investment?

People judge your service quality based on what you’re putting in front of them. Don’t give them tacky gradients, typos or blurry artwork to make a misinformed decision. Nowadays it is ever so important to invest in yourself and in a professional look online. You want customers, after all, don’t you?

If you have an honest designer, doing an update of old artwork shouldn’t be too expensive either, so the cost is reduced if you use the artwork across multiple campaigns. You might even be able to find a design student at your local university to do some really affordable work for you. Not all of it is bad. Just be able to tell the difference between amateur and professional looking work.

How To Grow Facebook & Instagram Followers.

Are Follower Count Just a Social Media Marketing Vanity Metric?

It feels really nice getting lots of likes on your Instagram posts and hitting those high numbers of followers and page likes. We are guilty of it ourselves. The social validation releases endorphins, making you feel good and it can be addictive. Somebody appreciates what you posted online, why wouldn’t you feel good about that? For your business, though the value is not in the numbers, it’s in their quality.

Sure, seeing 10,000 people following your Facebook page would be pretty amazing. If you compared that to a page with only 300, you’d be a pretty happy page owner, right? But what if those 300 were in your local city or suburb and the 10,000 are actually just followers from India, Pakistan, and China?

Unless you’re trying to sell to that audience, a non-local following doesn’t usually do much good for you. Don’t be fooled by accounts with high numbers. 10k followers only represent 0.0007% of India’s population. It’s not hard getting there when you think on a scale like that. Personally, I would rather have Bob & Wendy from two roads down follow your page, than 200 guys from Guangdong Province, because they might actually use your services.

Try This!

When it comes to putting out free, quality content you want to reach the masses. Remember, it’s about consumption. When it comes to sales and converting your audience into customers you should be focused on the micro. Use a Facebook funnel to distil your followers down to an audience that has a 90% conversion rate. Imagine being given a list of 100 people, 90 of which want to buy from you. Your Facebook can do that for you.

Not sure how this works? Check out retargeting ads on Facebook & Instagram.


Invest In Your Business

Nobody likes being pushed into sales. The beauty of social media targeting is that if done correctly can lead you directly to those who are actually interested in buying your goods and services.Professional artwork, a proper website with dedicated landing pages

Professional artwork, a proper website with dedicated landing pages and visitor tracking are all investments into your company. With a managed presence you are giving your visitors confidence in your service. Best of all these expenses can all be claimed on tax as well.

If you’re wanting to find out more about how we can help you with your social media marketing, check out our services page otherwise subscribe to stay up to date with all the latest digital marketing trends and tricks.

Try This!

Talk to a local agency who is willing to put you on a payment plan for a professional package. A complete website, branding and promotional solution could cost you as little as $300 per month giving you full earning potential right from the get go. Build confidence with your prospects.

For more advice on how you can improve your social media game, especially for your organic presence, check out our post on Top 10 Social Media Management Tips.

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