What Google And Facebook Know About You

by | Apr 20, 2019

Google and Facebook are the world’s largest internet platforms, with more than 6 billion Google searches performed each day, and over 2.3 billion active Facebook users. These numbers are unfathomable to most, considering that for many unfamiliar to their business models, it is unclear how both companies actually make any money. The answer is twofold, through your personal data, and through advertisement revenue, both are reasons why digital marketing is the marketing of the future. These points are the bread and butter for both companies, and consumers both knowing and unknowing have given Google and Facebook the means to create two of the most impressive companies in the world, simply by willingly supplying, all important data.



    • Every part of your online activity is tracked and recorded by Google.
      This gives Google a good idea of what you look like, what you sound like, your political and religious beliefs, likes and dislikes, your diet, your health, your family and friends, as well as where you work, live, visit and travel. Through complicated algorithms Google logs what searches you make, what photos you post, and if you have an Android phone with voice recognition, even what your voice sounds like. Google can predict with pinpoint accuracy your future plans, whether it be what you’re thinking of buying, where you want to travel, or even if you want children, all anticipated through your searches, extended Google services, and your entire online history.


      All scary stuff, but is this something you should be worried about? Google uses all this information to make your experience as sleek as possible, anticipating your next online moves, what you want to search and purchase. All your data is protected by the most powerful online security systems, leading the industry in encrypting your data for your privacy. Your information is then provided to businesses for a fee, so they can market products to groups most likely to be interested. 

    • Businesses large and small want to be able to target their product and service advertisements to those most relevant, Google is the world’s largest facilitator for businesses to advertise.


  • Unlike Google, Facebook users put their entire lives on display, through photos, likes, dislikes, relationships, employment, education, location, travel details, the list goes on exponentially.
    Facebook offers the world’s largest social network for free to its users, allowing us to keep up to date with extended family, friends, events, and to share news articles, stories and photos. The world is more connected than ever before.

    In exchange for this, Facebook provides advertising services to businesses, and controversially in the case of the 2016 United States Presidential Election, political campaigns.

  • Facebook records every interaction you make with their service, your contacts, your connections, who you interact with and for how long, what videos you watch, pages you like, films you want to see, and importantly for third party businesses, what products and services you want to buy.

Facebook integrates with many third-party services including shopping businesses, news sites, iOS and Android software, allowing them access to basic information also.

Facebook uses this information to sell you to advertisers, who can set the specific criteria for people they want to target for their business. Unethical? Facebook promises the utmost security and privacy for your information, never recording conversations on messenger, and never ‘selling’ specific names or profiles to third-parties. Under more scrutiny than ever, Facebook’s success hinges on consumer confidence, and thanks to its start-up roots, the company is proving to be adaptable, considerate and very resilient amongst widespread consumer concern.

What Google And Facebook Know About You

Your information is what sustains the largest technology companies, and businesses large and small.

The reputation of Google and Facebook centres around trust, with both industry giants doing as much as they can to uphold their users’ confidence, as fears of privacy and security loom over their business models.

Small businesses have a great opportunity to expand and grow thanks to Google and Facebook, which are often reasons why so many businesses choose a professional digital marketing agency to take full advantage of these chances. How do you feel about your data being utilised, do you feel used or abused? Are you happy to provide your data to businesses, so relevant products are advertised to you? Is this all worth it as long as you have the best internet services available to you for free?

It can be hard to trust large online companies, however the most important thing is to be aware of what you post, share, and do online and know where your data is going, to ensure you’re cyber safe. Find out more about how your business can benefit from a professional digital marketing agency in Australia today.

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