Social Media Update Q1 2018

by | Apr 29, 2018


Social Media Update Q1 2018

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2018 has already been a busy and hectic year for social media marketers. We’ve had several algorithm changes already on Facebook, the biggest one happening as a result of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal.

As many as 87 million users’ data may have been used in political marketing. This resulted in several big features being disabled. Let’s look at it.

Social Media Update: 3rd Party Data

If you’ve never done any Facebook or social media marketing, you might not be familiar with the creepy levels of information we used to have access to. Digital marketing was made easy by allowing us to target people likely to buy houses soon, homeowners, income levels, and so much more.

All this data was made available through third-party providers, which are now no longer available.

What does this mean? If you were a real estate agent, for example, and wanted to target homeowners in a particular suburb to promote your upcoming home open, you now can’t target them. You can target everybody living in the area, but that would include renters. For specific, narrowed down targeting this is no bueno!

Social Media Update: Audience Reach

Another feature on Facebook that gets talked about a lot are custom audiences. We can upload a list of your previous customers or leads and target them based on that information.

While this is still an option, we now no longer an tell you how many of those contacts you gave us actually returned a result. Your list may have returned 2,000 results or 20. We don’t know.

We are all hopeful that this feature will eventually return.

Social Media Update: Messenger Bots

If you’re using a Messenger Bot as a marketing funnel, or have been thinking about implementing something along the lines of one, then up until recently you couldn’t so.

Existing installations continued to function, however, anybody who was a new candidate was blocked from activating them.

Luckily, the Facebook Overlords re-enabled this feature not too long ago.

Messenger bots allow you to automatically respond to customer Facebook messages, but go much further and include the ability to serve personalised content from your blog, streamline product purchases, and build connections. AI is the future.

If you haven’t yet seen it, head over to our Facebook page and check out the video of Mark Zuckerberg explaining the internet to well, old people.

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