Pre-Interview Questions

Hi, and thank you for choosing to take part in the 3am Ideas Podcast.

So that we may promote your business to the best of our abilities, please fill out the form below accurately.

Keep in mind: Our podcast is targeted at small business owners who are either starting out or they’re wanting to take that next step in their growth.

They are looking for advice to make smarter decisions and to have an easier journey on their path to success.



3am Ideas – Small Business Marketing Podcast

Podcast Description

The podcast where we discuss all things small business, marketing, growth, overcoming challenges, and avoiding costly mistakes.

We chat to other Australian business professionals to get an insight into where they’ve come from, what drives and motivates them every day, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.

The Podcast Format

The podcast will be an approximately 60-minute long episode taken from our discussion. It will be a casual conversation about business, marketing, your journey, and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Podcast Preparation

You will not need to prepare for this conversation, but in general we’ll be talking about your business journey, tough challenges and expensive mistakes you’ve faced, and how you’ve finally managed to scale to the point where you are now.

What to Bring

You’ll have the opportunity to bring a pull-up banner to put up alongside our banner. This banner will be visible on the video we’ll upload to YouTube, as well as any social media snippets.


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