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Our Perth SEO strategies are custom created plans that are highly relevant for your specific niche.


  • Firstly, the competition in Perth is strong many businesses locally are hiring SEOs or other digital marketers to systematically take advantage of opportunities to grow their digital footprint.
    This means no quick-fix, DIY Youtube or white label strategy will get you the business you desire
  • Secondly, every niche out there, keyword, business or location is unique and will require different things to have a successful campaign bring in new business.
  • The amount of content, keywords being used, videos, images, or whatever other media or strategy is being implemented on a site will vary based on location as google will assign unique requirements for a specific keyword in a specific place.
  • What you must provide in content, service, and reputability for something like “Mandurah Lawyer” will be more competitive than something like ” Lawyer Perth” or “Lawyers Australia”



Make Google Think you’re an Authoritative Entity for your Keyword and Location. Tis is where the Perth SEO Campaign starts.

The SEO strategy, at a macro level, is having Google know and think you are a something in Perth (or whatever city you are in). What is that something and why would Google believe you are the best option for that something?

If we look at the Perth SEO Expert ranking for myself, one of the first things I did was establish WHO I was, what I do and where I am to Google via a targeted landing page, the one you’re currently on. By doing this, Google knows I exist, provide a service and am highly relevant for anyone in Perth or near Perth, such as Mandurah or Rockingham.

Taking something like a highly optimized page in mind, we start with understanding your business, the location, the value proposition you offer (services or products), the competitive landscape and the conversion points (how will people purchase, rent or opt into what you are offering). This is how we formulate WHAT we can do to position ourselves in different ways to get Google to understand what you are and who you service and why we are relevant.



Local SEO Perth Results

Let’s use this keyword which we are in the process of ranking. You can see it’s at #11 right now with the goal of being #1.

We selected this keyword after doing some keyword research and reviewing what were the best options in for the short and long term for our business.

We decided decided to target “Perth SEO Expert” as it included “Perth SEO” so we could hit two keywords at once.

In our research we could see that while “Perth SEO” gets more searches, “Perth SEO Expert” had a better search intention (what is the user planning on doing with his search – is he looking for a service provider or DIY classes?) for someone who would want my services. 

Based on competition we also saw the Keyword Difficulty (KD) was a lot lower for “Perth SEO Expert”.



After assessing the keywords, we use in-house software called, SEMRush and CORA to do conduct an in-depth analysis on your website and the top 100 pages you’re competing with, to see what features or factors being considered when ranking the keyword.

CORA reviews not only websites but tracks several hundred different variables on sites to see what correlative factors can be found that may be helping someone get a top keyword ranking.

This generates an On-Page SEO task report for us, becoming very transparent and quantifiable on what needs to be done. At this stage, we are very clear on what On-Page SEO factors and updates need to be made, such as adding content, images or header tags with keywords to be more on target with the top ranking pages.


Now that we’ve conducted our research our PERTH SEO strategy will roll out, going through our task list line item by line item to make the required On Page SEO changes. After doing the roll out and implementing the changes, we’ll index the site in Google Search Console (GSC) to let Google know about the new page and we let it sit for a while. Here we begin to explore what else we can do to get our page ranking for our keyword.

Off Page SEO & Ads

Now it’s about closing the gap. If there are any ranking gaps, doing Off Page SEO or running ads to show good user behavior will boost rankings and get more leads. While this is happening, Google My Business optimization like adding local citations and adding good content on the Google My Business will help move up the rankings. As we begin to move up the rankings for both, we will want to see the uptick in business whether it is calls or sales or contact form submissions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

After we do the On Page SEO, we begin to explore conversion optimization. Is our page best set up to give the searcher what they want? We’re looking to make sure that any information that is relevant to having that searcher be satisfied with what they see and take the next action to procure something or move onto something else since they are satisfied is a good result for that person, a good result to Google and a good result for us. Whether it is an address, phone number, email, an ability to chat or drive to our Hot Dog stand to buy a hot dog, we are looking to quickly give people the best solution to the problem they have.


After the On Page SEO, we explore Off Page SEO or where other websites write about you. Backlinks are the oldest ranking factor and originated when Google founders Page and Brinn were reading articles and noticed they always had citations at the end. They deduced if someone is citing someone for something, they must be relevant for that topic or content piece. So were born the value and weight of backlinks.

Backlinks are important, and you need some.

While archaic, getting backlinks is still relevant in 2020 and something you must do. Establishing relationships with websites and contacting website owners relevant to your niche via LinkedIn or direct email is the process to do it. While tedious, just getting a handful of people to write about you using the keyword “Perth SEO Expert” (or insert your keyword) when referencing you with a link back to your page can make a tremendous difference.


Typically, to really get the ball rolling, I will write supporting content pieces that interlink to my main page. Things like “Why use a Perth SEO Expert” or “What to look for in a Perth SEO Agency” or whatever people are searching for.

Content like this helps establish what your page or website is about and having silo’d content like this helps establish page content and hierarchy.

In short, you’re showing Google you know your stuff.


 If you’re looking to grow your company’s online presence, improve your search engine ranking, and boost revenue for your Perth business, work with us to help take your company to the next level.

Our highly-qualified team is committed to utilizing our knowledge of the most up-to-date SEO practices in order to help your company achieve its online marketing goals.


#1 Perth Startups Needing Basic SEO

If you’re working to get a business off the ground, investing in our Perth SEO services will allow you to spend time perfecting your product instead of desperately trying to attract visitors to your site.

Let us do the leg work to increase your online traffic and exposure, which in turn, will help you build a better business image, reach more potential customers and investors, and build trust and loyalty with your ideal client base.

#2 Small to Medium-Sized Perth Businesses Needing Advanced SEO Strategies

If you’re a small or medium-sized company looking to scale your business, an SEO Strategy is a must.

Whether it is understanding what type of pages to create boost revenue and increase growth or understanding how to utilize content marketing, a strong Perth SEO strategy must be implemented.

By partnering with Perth SEO experts, you’ll receive personalized content designed to promote your business, increase your company’s exposure, and attract new visitors who convert.

#3 Localised Businesses

For local businesses, increasing your company’s online presence is just as important as the face-to-face contact you have with your customers.

Using smart SEO practices will boost your ranking in major search engines and appropriate niche directories, allowing your business to experience greater brand recognition, have consistent growth, and stay competitive in your community

#4 Companies Going Global

If you’re a business looking to expand internationally, employing market-specific SEO strategies are key to making this global transition successful.

SEO tactics that produce favorable results in a company’s local market may not be as effective in other countries.

By tailoring content and including localized keywords for each new market you plan to enter, your business can benefit from the massive opportunities for growth that exist internationally.

#5 Enterprise Level Businesses

For enterprise-level businesses who have an established brand and customer base, keeping your site relevant with a strong SEO platform is crucial to long-lasting success.

What’s more, to remain competitive in your field, your company’s site should always be utilizing the most up-to-date SEO practices. Perth SEO team is dedicated to remaining knowledgeable of current and changing SEO trends, allowing us to consistently boost your website’s ranking in the most popular search engines.

What’s more, as we are a full-service SEO company, we’re also able to supply your business with actionable reports for in-house teams and company stakeholders.

#6 E-Commerce Companies

These days, e-commerce companies are a dime a dozen. With more companies than ever soley doing business online, achieving a high ranking in organic searches is essential to your success.

Local Perth SEO knowledgeable team members can help your site obtain and maintain a high placement by updating your site with proper keyword optimization, encouraging high-quality product reviews, and consistently doing site usability testing.



We are proud to work with many Perth based businesses and have been able to offer a variety of Perth SEO services, and strategies all of which are customized to help your company meet its individual goals.

All services are designed to give you quantifiable results, with a focus on improving your website’s performance and conversion rates which, in turn, allows you to maintain a high ranking in organic search results with all major search engines.


As opposed to focusing on content, technical SEO services optimize specific technical aspects of your website, including mobile friendliness and URL structure, which are two top entities that search engines consider when creating their rankings.


On-Page SEO services seek to make your company’s website more user-friendly and relevant to the search query. This is done by optimizing visual content and HTML source code that not only make your site more visually appealing to users but also help boost your site’s ranking in organic searches.


When it comes to achieving a high rank in major search engines, it’s important to consider off-page SEO factors such as social media advertising and link building. Since search engines only want to give users results that provide them with the most value, search engines consider these entities in algorithms used to rank sites.

Having a solid off-page SEO strategy not only increases your site’s rank, but will also attract new users to your site from blog post references and mentions on social media.


You’ve most likely heard the phrase “content is king”, and when it comes to SEO, that’s exactly right. Having consistent, in-depth content on your site is essential to increasing your ranking in organic searches.

3am Ideas SEO will not only determine which phrases and keywords will be most effective in driving traffic to your specific site but also work with a team of writers who create content that educates your user-base while naturally incorporating your personalized target keywords into each piece.


Having a user-friendly website is just as important as the words on the page. Making sure your website is easy to navigate and accessible to users will not only increase traffic but will also optimize your site for search marketing.

By employing SEO best practices, search engines will be able to easily scan your site, index your content into their database, and rank your site for specific target keywords.


In our fast-paced society, customers aren’t willing to wait for a slow website to load. In addition to affecting customer experience, however, the loading speed of your site can also affect your search engine ranking. Major search engines, like Google, measure the loading speed of sites and compare that data with their competitors in order to rank sites in organic searches.

Our SEO team will use a variety of tools to audit the speed and responsiveness of your company’s site and then remove any components that may be slowing your site down.

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