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    Here at 3am Ideas, we are all about small and startup businesses.

    While some of the big SEO agencies in Perth and Melbourne are really great, their big contract costs aren’t.

    That’s where we come in. To give you access to affordable big agency SEO, without the big cost.

    Search engine optimization packages for under $1000.


    search engine optimisation package audit

    SEO Audit

    Search Engine Optimisation Audit to determine where you rank

    ranking higher with search engine optimisation package

    Higher Page Rankings

    We optimise your pages to rank higher for short and long tail keywords

    more traffic through search engine optimisation

    Increased Traffic

    We facilitate for more quality website traffic

    getting website roi with search engine optimisation

    Better ROI

    Our main goal is to show you a return on your investment as we want to see you grow


    Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the methodical process of getting your webpages ranked higher with the major search engines. In short, it is trying to rank on Page 1 of Google. You can learn more about it on our SEO blog here.

    SEO Is Also For Small Business

    It is an on-going process to optimise and increase your online presence to get more traffic to your site. Our search engine optimisation packages couple your goals and budget into one smooth-sailing strategy.



    Try Our Prepaid Search Engine Optimisation Packages 

    Tailor Your Own SEO Strategy

    Your Search Engine Optimisation package includes a complete, in-depth analysis of your website. We will identify all elements that are harming your search engine ranking, what can be improved and generally help you understand what needs to be done. Once your website is truly ready, and in Google’s eyes deserving, of more traffic, we establish a content creation and promotional campaign to make sure the clients you want, can find you.

    Our search engine optimisation packages are focused on generating online ROI for you, not just to rank number 1.

    Prepaid Search Engine Optimization Packages 


    5Hr SEO Package

    Entry Level Search Engine Optimisation

    This is a basic search engine optimisation package giving you 5 man hours per month, letting you sample our SEO expertise and explore your traffic and growth potential. Great for fixing up the minor errors on our website identified in our free SEO audit report.

    Engagement: 5 hours

    Valid For: 30 Days

    Ideal For: Core SEO Foundations

    From: $500


    10Hr SEO Package

    Most Popular Package

    The ideal entry level search engine optimisation package designed to deliver quality content and traffic. Perfect for companies wanting to rank for several search phrases in a semi-competitive environment. Clients love the results they see from this SEO package.

    Engagement: 10 hours

    Valid For: 60 Days

    Ideal For: Ongoing Content Growth & Marketing

    From: $950


    20Hr SEO Package

    Best SEO ROI

    This package gives you a minimum of 20 man hours of dedicated, premium search engine optimisation strategies that rapidly shows results and provides you the quickest ROI. Perfect for ecommerce stores, highly competitive industries and search terms. Dominate the online space with our specialist SEO campaigns.

    Engagement: 20 hours

    Valid For: 90 Days

    Ideal For: Campaign Growth, Quickest ROI

    From: $1800

    Is SEO important?

    When you look for a product or a service, your first port of call will most likely be Google. When your customers are looking for a business like yours, they ask Google. If you are not ranked within the first few results your competitors secure that new client. You will miss out and your website continues not generating you the ROI you had hoped for.

    Luckily we are here to get you ranking higher on Google with our Search Engine Optimisation Packages.

    Register for your free Search Engine Optimisation Audit and find out where you stand and what can be done to improve your ranking, online ROI and visibility.

    Effective Search Engine Optimisation will:

    • Increase visibility & ranking
    • Bring more visitors to your website
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Measure results

    Free SEO Audit

    We look at your current online presence and identify areas of improvement and opportunities available.

    Have us implement them and you WILL rank higher.

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