Hire A Marketing Manager

Our Hire A Marketing Manager Concept Is Designed To Fulfill Your Marketing Needs Without Having To Hire Permanent Staff

Outsourced Marketing Management

The Mission

We are here to replace most of your in-house marketing staff requirements, saving you money and reducing risk.
That painful 10% payment you call superannuation, we just call it GST.

What Makes This Work

We can save you time, hassle and money by doing the job right.


Junior marketing staff is slow and inexperienced.
Our seasoned pros get the job done in record time.


Digital marketing is taught in the trenches. Not at uni.
We are preGoogle veterans.


No annual leave.
No sick leave.
No excuses.


Do you know how you pay too much for everything?
We bring our network of trade suppliers, wholesale pricing and buying power with us.

Outsourcing is how to stay competitive in business

Virtual CFO? Kind of, Virtual Marketing Manager

From marketing administration to full account management.
We can handle all aspects of your marketing or simply liaise with your current in-house manager.

Service Structure

Here’s how it works

1st Month

Capped Service

Audit Requirements

Free Account Setup

Capped Price For 30 Days

Get Up To 50% More Hours Free

Experience Total Marketing Staff Integration

2nd Month

Scale To Requirement

Service Scaled To Actual Requirements

Campaign Performance Improvements

Pay Only For The Hours You Need

Services Personalised To Your Company

Find Our Rhythm

3rd Month

Optimise Results

Finalise Trial Campaign

Review Your Package

Explore Long Term Solution

Scale Your Engagement As You Grow

Get Discounts On 6 & 12 Month Packages

Pricing Structure

How our clients work it


Popular Trial

Engagement: 10hrs/month

Discount: 10%

Outperforms: Marketing Assistant

Saving: $2-5k p.a.

Part Time

Most Popular For Growth

Engagement: 20hrs/month

Discount: ~20%

Outperforms: Marketing Coordinator

Saving: $10-20k p.a.

Full Time

On-going Returns

Engagement: 50hrs/month

Discount: >30%

Outperforms: Marketing Manager

Saving: $20-40k p.a.

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