At 3am Ideas we love designing new business and corporate logos because they usually suggest a new venture being started or a current business being rebranded. Both are exciting times and we love working with excited people.

Whether you already have some design aspects in mind or want us to come up with something we feel is just right for your brand, we are ready and waiting.

When you choose 3am Ideas for your logo design we will collect as much information about your business as we can. We want to know what your ideas are and what you think your brand represents.

Once we start the design process we keep 5 principles in mind to ensure a quality outcome that meets your, and our, expectations.

  1. Simple and readable without being boring
  2. Your logo will convey your business’ personality
  3. Designed for your market and industry
  4. Flexible – it’ll look great on everything
  5. Unique; your logo will be one of a kind

Make us part of your next project and rest assured that our work will be done on time, on budget, mirroring your excitement and enthusiasm. So get in touch.

Recent Logo Design Projects

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