• Looking for an all-inclusive startup or small business digital marketing solution? Our business startup package is tailored for your success.

    Business Startup Package

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    Australia, It’s Business Startup Time

    Starting up a new business, or even rebranding an existing one, is always an exciting time, but there is also so much to get done.

    We understand small and startup businesses, which is why we have created the all-inclusive
    Business Startup Package.

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    Your Business Startup Package

    Our small & startup business packages are uniquely designed to give you the digital marketing essentials.

    What’s Included

    • Website Design & Development

    • Branding

    • First Month of SEO

    • Social Media Setup

    You Want To Invest In Your Business To Get You Started Right.

    We are the digital marketing agency for small businesses and startups.

    We aren’t just a bunch of web designers.

    What We Can Do Together After

    Your Business Journey With 3am Ideas

    Your Website

    When it comes to digital marketing everything starts and ends with your website. Despite all of the available social media networks, the automated marketing software and even mobile apps, they will all rely on your site in one form or another. If you’re looking for conversions be that in the form of customers calling you, using your contact form, or to purchase a product, subscription or service from you, you need a website that works towards that.

    Your business startup package includes a mobile responsive website that is designed towards your business goals. With only a few seconds to impress visitors before they disappear from your site, why would you waste your time and income potential on free drag & drop builders? 

    Branding Package

    Your brand should reflect you and the culture of your company. You want it to be simple, showcase what you do, and most importantly, it must be memorable.

    We start off with a creative meeting with you, where we try to capture as much information about you and your company as possible. With this we will create a branding package for you, which usually includes business cards, letterheads and email signatures but it doesn’t have to stop there.

    You tell us what you want and we can assist you in compiling a package for you that includes only the things you need, and no fluff.

    Our Interest Lies In Your Business Growth.

    The More Successful You Are, The Bigger Your Marketing Budget.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    What’s the point of starting your business if you’re not going to tell anybody about it? Sounds crazy, right? That’s what not doing Search Engine Optimisation is to your website.

    While SEO is an on-going process, your website included in your business startup package will be built in a search engine and mobile friendly way from the ground up, giving you the best chance at ranking highly. Once your site is live we will also submit it to the Google index and also install a plethora of web enhancing products available.

    If you’re going to rely on customers coming through your website then it is important that we also include a SEO and content marketing strategy for you, just ask us about it!

    Social Media

    Would you believe that the average Australian spends 3.5 hours on social media every day? Having a presence on social media is important, as more and more customers are looking for services through these means, just remember that our end goal for you will always be to drive visitors TO your website.

    We will setup and integrate all the social media accounts that you need and can manage. It wouldn’t be a complete business startup package without social media integration.

    We can also manage your social media presence, commenting, posting and liking for you. Should you want to advertise on social media, you can have us do that too.

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